Friday, 17 February 2012

Dhurn Explorer

I've had this miniature knocking around for a while now so I thought I would share him with you.

A Little Bit of Background...
Dhurn Explorer (front view)
The Dhurn are a doughty race, implacable and taciturn - and fearsome on the battlefield.

However, they are not a warrior race; they are miners and metalsmiths, builders and architects, engineers and inventors.

Once, the Dhurn ruled an empire of over a thousand planets. They were fair and peaceful, sharing their beliefs and technology with other races. They kept a peace and were arbitors of justice in the galaxy.

Then came the dark days. There is no documentation as to how the Dhurn homeworld came to perish - some think it was an accident, that new mining technology caused the planet's crust to fragment and rip apart. Others believe that it was an act of aggression from an alien race, that it was a coup to wrest power from them.

Dhurn Explorer (rear view)
The truth of what happened may elude the historians, but the results were seen immediately. The Dhurn found themselves outcasts, no longer welcome anywhere. Many were killed, some were enslaved - but a small number managed to escape and were drawn to the remnants of their ancestral home.

Nothing much remains in their solar system, just asteroids and uninhabitable moons. A disused mining colony in a hollowed out asteroid became their new home; their skills in engineering and building allowing them to expand and fortify to house many thousands more Dhurn than the colony had been intended to.

Now, the Dhurn are dwindling.
They send out exploration teams to find new resources and to seek out any Dhurn who may still be out there...

On to the mini...
As I said, I've had this mini sitting on my desk for a while now, and its finally painted. I wanted to sculpt a 'new' Dhurn mini, but not a 'soldier', so I lit upon the idea of an explorer/adventurer.

I thought about the background for the character for a little while before I began to sculpt and decided that the Dhurn, as an essentially a dying race, would likely all be expected to do some form of military/defence training. This character, I decided, would be a veteran, someone who has spent long hard years fighting for the good of the people and had been physically scarred by the experience. To that end, I gave him a bionic leg, which led me to think, "he should have a bionic arm too!"... I wanted to give him a more 'civilian' feel so I elected to avoid giving him armour, although he does have a pistol (it is a dangerous galaxy out there, after all!!).

All in all, I enjoyed sculpting and painting this guy... and if anyone else would like to have a go at painting him, he will be available on my site soon.

Thanks for reading. 'Til next time - buy my minis!!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Breaking the silence...

This is my first blog (unless you count 'micro-blogging' via Twitter).  I'm not a prolific writer, but I aim to keep this updated every 2-3 weeks... we shall see how long that lasts! 

Why am I doing this? 
I have been a tabletop wargamer for a loooonnngg time.  Admittedly I took a 10 year break from the hobby and it was only the fact I was diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety that I came back to the fold.  My doctor recommended I take up a hobby that I liked to do and that I could take pride in, so I revisited my childhood love of miniatures.

I started sculpting miniatures a while ago; my first complete miniature sculpt was an ogre character that I made in 2007.  My sculpting attempts were born out of a desire to own new minis, but a severe lack of funds - so I started to make my own.  

I started sculpting properly in June 2008 after a few attempts over the previous year and I found it very enjoyable. I started S3 Minis (or Silent_Spectre Studio) at the beginning of 2009, as I was made redundant in September 2008 and had little success in the job hunting market.

I made the switch from 'cast to order' resin figures to metal figures in October 2010 and, after some teething problems(!), by March 2011 was able to carry stock of each of my figures. I view this as the date I 'properly' started as a miniature producer.

I am still trying to find my 'artistic voice' in terms of a sculpting style and I am constantly trying to improve how I sculpt things - sure, I may not be the best sculptor working at the moment, but, equally, I wouldn't say I'm the worst either!  I sculpt the things I like, and I hope that some of you like what I produce (especially if you like it enough to buy it!).

Ultimately, I love to sculpt and create, in three dimensions, in miniature, the creatures that I 'see' in my imagination.

What is this blog all about then?
I'm basically going to be using this blog to show off some of my 'work in progress' (WIP) pieces - new miniatures I am working on, painted minis (mainly S3 Minis, but I might show of other manufacturers' pieces if I like them), bits and pieces in general...

I am looking to spread the good word about my miniatures and make 2012 a 'breakout year' for me.  

So 'til next time... Buy my minis!!

Stuart, S3 Minis